Apple Organic Sauce

In our neck of the woods, this time of year is apple season. Walking through our neighborhood, we pass by trees loaded with ripe apples…apples hanging on branches, apples peppering the ground under the trees. Many people have fruit trees but don’t use the fruit. Have you ever thought of asking a neighbor if they’d mind if you picked some fruit, in exchange for cleaning up under the tree or a few jars of homemade jam? For many fruit-tree owners, having the fruit picked from the tree is a huge relief! And the payoff? Lots of fresh, organic fruit…for free!

If you don’t have free access to a tree, consider going to a pick-your-own farm and picking the fruit there. The cost is usually less than buying organic fruit from the store (although you will want to check to make sure you’re getting organic before you go!). This year, our family was able to take advantage of a friend’s offer for free fruit from a huge apple tree.


  • 21 Nov 2017
  • Nory Mints
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